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Library Fix-It List

I was curious to know just how many Library fix-it fics were out there (or, in other words, how many different ways people had come up with to save River Song), so I decided to compile this list.

So far, we have twelve fifty-four fics (!!), but I know there are more out there so if you have written one or know of one that you don't see here, please comment with a link and I will add it!

The Big List of Library Fix-Its
(in alphabetical order)

all this heaven could never describe (PG-13) by hihoplastic

Always a Way Out (PG) by Jade II

And all in war with Time for love of you (M) by mygalfriday

because promises murder us backwards when people like me don’t keep them (K+) by areyoumarriedriver

before the beginning of space and time (M) by areyoumarriedriver

Breaking All the Rules (R) by Jade II

But we wait for the wave just to wash it away (T) by mygalfriday

Child of Time (link broken!) (PG-13) by daxcat79

Circular Fixes (R) by Jade II

Count the Cost (T) by TisZiny

Cover the Words (link broken!) (PG) by fangirlabouttown

De-Fragmentation (T) by Radiolaria

désolé, if someone is prayin’ then i might break out (PG) by areyoumarriedriver

Disintegration (The Next Chapter Remix) by such_heights

Disintegration of Structure (G) by areyoumarriedriver

The Doctor and the Shadows (T) by ShaViva

Everybody Dies (PG-13) by clare009

Fixed Points (Don't Necessarily Have to be Rewritten) (PG) by betawho

Forever (G) by spoilersweetie

he holds me so tight and turns me to gold in the sunlight (K+) by areyoumarriedriver

How to be Human (PG-13) by clare009

If you're lost, you can look, and you will find me (T) by dqbunny

I'm Not Saying I'm Sorry. One Day, Maybe We'll Meet Again. (M) by repowoman24

In a safe place, somewhere near your heart (M) by mygalfriday

In autumn she achieves a still more golden blaze (T) by curlyAli

It's Sad When It's Over (K+) by TisZiny

Looking Like Me (G) by Jade II

May she rest in peace (T) by I may be a tree

Meet Me Halfway (T) by CrimsonRiver808

Ockham’s Razor (PG) by TisZiny

Our Clock Runs Backwards (T) by IndigoXsoul

Personal Archaeology (PG) by janeturenne

Rewriting History One Death at a Time (PG) by Jade II

River Song has Left the Library (K+) by Gilari

River Styx (T) by Silverfish

Saved (T) by MistressOfTheWinter

Secrets and Lies (T) by gnos-revir

Spoiled (PG-13) by gilguns

Spoilers! (T) by Mizuki1988 (work in progress)

stitching all of our little touches together by areyoumarriedriver

Stories, songs and gallant girls (T) by Kit

The swelling fermata as the chord dies; (PG-13) by areyoumarriedriver

They Hesitate (R) by Jade II

The Third Way (PG-13) by deborah_judge

though my eyes stare inward now at where you were (M) by areyoumarriedriver

Thoughts On Flight (T) by TisZiny (work in progress)

To Die Without Dying (T) by Sciencefictionsquirrel

Together we rewrite time (T) by bellasong

Tomorrow is a mystery (PG) by honeynoir

tutor me how not to flinch when I throw my heart in your face (G) by areyoumarriedriver

Untitled (PG) by wilfulwilf

An Unwritten Song (T) by Sylva Dax

Where I've Been (R) by Jade II

Where I Want to Go (G) by what-would-eleven-do

If a fic you have written is listed here and you don't want it to be for any reason, if you would prefer me to link to it at a different location, if you spot an error, etc, please don't hesitate to comment or PM me.

Doctor Who - This night will never not be magical

Title: This night will never not be magical
Word Count: 9998
Rating: M
Summary: “They’re not singing,” he says. He kneels down and presses his ear to the Tower’s top. “Not even a little bit.”

Author's note: The Singing Towers of Darillium - Jade style. This is part 3 of probably 4 for my 'Professor Song' series (see my Professor Song tag). Thanks to Charina for the beta :)

Collapse )

Doctor Who - Amazing Grace (1/2)

Title: Amazing Grace
Author: Jade II
Word Count: 11181
Rating: PG
Summary: “I didn’t mean to break her stupid pocket watch.”

Author's note: This is somewhere between a Part 2 and a sequel to An Earthly Child. The only reason it is broken into two parts is that the word count is just over the maximum allowed for a single post. Sorry about that. Many thanks to Charina for the beta :)

Collapse )

Second Part